Tenders for carriers

You will find the supporting documents for the 2018 Tender for Carriers in the links below.
Please, pay attention to the instructions.

Components of the background documents for the tender are:

  • carriage terms and conditions
  • carrier questionnaire
  • AEO safety declaration
  • data file containing background data on destinations, including frequency of deliveries, packaging, stackability and accompanying instructions for completing the file.

The tender will include only complete bids, i.e., submitted completed questionnaires and Excel files with carriage prices completed, and AEO certificate enclosed as applicable.

Please, send your bids in Excel format by 31 January 2018 to the e-mail address preprava@cz.rheinmetall.com. You will be informed about the tender results by e-mail in the course of February 2019.

Tender bids delivered in any other manner or to an e-mail address other than that provided above will not be included in the tender.

In the case of queries about the tender, please send your queries also to the e-mail address provided above.

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