Pierburg s.r.o.

Our company, Pierburg s.r.o., is part of Rheinmetall, a strong, internationally-recognised technology company that has been a partner in the development of and a direct supplier to the global automotive industry for more than 100 years, and at the same time a leading international provider of safety technology systems.
The Rheinmetall Group consists of several divisions, each focusing on a different area - Vehicle SystemsWeapon and AmmunitionElectronic SolutionsMaterials and Trade, and Sensors and Actuators.

The company Pierburg s.r.o. is one of the locations of the Sensors and Actuators division worldwide. The division comprises five business units - Actuators, Automotive Emission Systems, Commercial Diesel Systems, Pump Technology, and Solenoid Valve - focusing on the development of solutions for the main challenges faced by the automotive industry - reducing emissions and increasing efficiency while at the same time optimising performance.
Our main products include actuators, control units, exhaust gas recirculation systems, secondary air pumps, and exhaust dampers.
We employ around 286 people, with a turnover of EUR 116 million (CZK 3 billion in 2021).

Pierburg s.r.o. offers attractive employment opportunities at its plant to graduates and experienced specialists alike, focusing on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and quality.

Rheinmetall ve světě

Rheinmetall ve světě

Divize Sensors and Actuators

Divize Sensors and Actuators

Pierburg history

Our company, Pierburg s.r.o., was founded in Ústí nad Labem in April 2004.

Pierburg s.r.o. was literally and figuratively built on a green field. Thanks to its focus, it was established on the then unmatched European territory and got a chance to build a manufacturing plant with a good reputation and high level of knowledge and skills within a few years.

Its reliable and flexible production quickly won the favour of its customers,
whose projects and contracts have helped us develop and learn new things.

This was the foundation for ensuring the long-term growth of our company.


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