Our vision

Why "Reach for the Stars?"

Stars continuously permeate our corporate life, we have a development programme for new employees that is known as Pierburg Stars, a motivation programme for the production lines known as BE Star, Teamleader Akademii with stars for various levels for our leaders, an EMAS certificate with stars in the logo, and the 5-star EFQM evaluation (2019). When we were preparing the new vision, it did not take long to find a name for it: „Dosáhněme hvězd -> Reach for the Stars“.

We want to reach more stars and become excellent in everything we do. And because it is necessary to continuously develop, improve and learn in order for us to achieve a long-term stable position on the market in today’s competitive world and hence maintain stable and good working positions for us all, we have jointly developed a “manual” on how to achieve this and thus fulfil our vision.

„Reach for the stars“

Let us reach more stars and become the best in everything we do.
We are teamMeet Pierburg
  • We want to create maximum quality, sustainable processes and be the customer’s first choice.
  • We want to continue developing smart solutions, be inspiring and an example for the rest of the plants in the Mechatronics Group.
  • We want to be an attractive employer
    of satisfied employees,
    capable of teamwork on joint targets.

Our values

We are aware that the functioning of our company, its stability and prosperity depend on the behaviour, thinking and quality of the work of each individual employee. For this reason, we consistently focus our attention on the elements that foster higher motivation in our employees and continuous care for their personal and professional development. We know that a satisfied, motivated and trained employee is the key to the success of our whole company.

Our success tools are highly qualified teams that function on the basis of our corporate values.
We comprehend our values as something that we hold dear, what we are good at and capable of this,
everything that is important for achievement of the best results. We make an effort to differ from other companies in the Ústí region.

According to market studies, we pay more than the average salary compared to other companies in the region because we make an effort to create above-average personalities that are also willing to work a team that is driven by perfection.

  • We are honest, reliable and disciplined
  • We are friendly, team players and respect each other
  • We are innovative and continuously improving
  • We are efficient and put on a good performance
  • We are responsible towards the environment
Jsem tým

and PIERBURG is US – we are one TEAM!

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