Benefits for you

For us, employees are not only numbers on a chart. They are an integral part of the company, of our team. We appreciate loyalty and work well done. We strive to continuously develop and improve care for our employees and create good working conditions for them.

What awaits you?

  • Annually: bonus for loyalty, bonus for meeting MBO targets (for non-production positions) equivalent to 15% of the basic annual salary, bonus for profitability (for production positions) equivalent to 50% of the average monthly salary
  • Half-yearly: 13th salary (for selected positions) equivalent to 25% of the average monthly salary – total of 50% per year + bonus for regular work attendance in the amount up to CZK 24,000 per year.

And not only this, we have more:

  • Healthy Company Programme – within this programme, we organise a Health Day, carpal tunnel syndrome examinations, podiatric examinations, vaccinations, we offer subsidised tickets for sports and wellness.
  • The plant canteen, 5 weeks leave category D and 6 weeks category THP, annual contribution for supplementary pension and life savings in the amount of CZK 18,000 per year, Recreation contribution of up to CZK 10,000 per year and children’s camp contribution of up to CZK 2,000 per year, opportunity for education and personal growth, internal German and English language training.

Apart from the above benefits, we have also contracted days off within the Collective Bargaining Agreement beyond the scope of the personal impediments defined by the Labour Code.

Benefits for you
Benefits for you

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