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Exhaust gas recirculation reduces nitrogen oxide emission in both diesel and petrol engines by lowering the combustion temperature and reducing the oxygen content in the intake air. In petrol engines, exhaust gas recirculation is used to de-throttle the engine in the part-load range. This leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.




EGR module

  • EGR module consist of an EGR valve,
    an EGR cooler to cool the exhaust gases
    and optionally a bypass flap. 
  • Integrating these functions into one
    component reduces the size of the finished
  • The bypass flap is used to regulate the controlled
    re-routing of hot exhaust gas flow past the EGR
    COOLER or through the EGR COOLER in the cooling position. 
Low Pressure EGR Valve
  • Is used in turbocharged engines in addition to the established high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation. 
  • In this process, the exhaust gas is rerouted downstream of the DPF  and returned upstream of the compressor.