Environmental Policy

Pierburg is an important partner in the automobile industry. Our products contribute to the reduction of pollutant emissions and fuel consumption.

The Board is committed to the welfare of their associates and through their entrepreneurial responsibility, to a comprehensive, environmentally oriented commitment. The following principles are the basis of our behavior:

Environmental Responsibility

The responsible and careful handling of the environment is an important entrepreneurial philosophy. Environmental consideration is integrated into every decision and action of our entire business.

Environmental Relief

We will judge and supervise our present and future activities according to ecological points of view whereby the normal environmental rules mean the minimum standard for us. We will take actions which lead to a continuous improvement of the operational ecological damage.

Products and Production

Products are developed to have minimal environmental impact as well as being economical in the consumption of energies and natural resources.

Environment Management System

Environmental conscious behavior is part of our business policy. This is supervised by a management system in order to correct technical as well as organizational deviations.

Environment Consciousness

The responsibility for the environment is promoted with all our associates. The information, training and motivation have a special significance.

Emergency Precaution and Actions

Our emergency systems are further developed in conjunction with the authorities and our associates. Actions are taken with which disturbances of the environment through accidents are avoided or limited.


Our cooperation and the dialogue with our customers, services, authorities, suppliers, the interested public and all other partners, is in the spirit of partnership and trust so that we can reach our environmental protection goals.